Blessings is a purely spiritual work of art. This daring album is entirely dedicated to the pagans in S.J.'s fanbase, and most of the songs were directly inspired by S. J.'s pagan fans and associates in Tennessee. For those open to alternative spiritual paths, this album is not to be missed. Blessings opens with an invocation and includes other musical passages which are both powerful and functional, such as a moving piece about the power of the labyrinth, a hymn dedicated to the male deity Herne, a pair of highly energetic tunes devoted to dance, and two playful numbers relating to S. J.'s friend and teacher, Mama Dragon. Ginger Doss of Dreamtrybe and Velvet Hammer fame describes Blessings as follows: "The most sacred, most highly evolved body of pagan work I have ever experienced. S. J. walks her path, and it shows."

Listen to the album online at the Blessings download page

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