S.J.'s very first album, released on her Mom's birthday in 2004, Haphazard is a fun, raw, masterful ride. Many happy owners of this album claim to "never get tired of listening to it" and several claim to have "nearly burned a hole in the disc, from playing it so often." Starting with the unapologetic a cappella piece, "Cross-section", hanging out "In the House of Mama Dragon" for a minute, getting us back in touch with our "Heart Beat" and ending with the wild grace of "Eulogy Song", Haphazard was recorded in what amounts to a single week, in Memphis, Tennessee. Accessible, fun, and honest, there's nothing lacking in this first release.  In 2014, Haphazard will celebrate its tenth birthday, and S. J. will celebrate a decade as a full-time indie artist.  That's definitey something to sing about.

Listen to the album online at the Haphazard download page

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