Sirens, released in 2006, features S. J. at her pixie-punk and pirate best! Her third full-length album, and the most beloved of the lot by many Sooj-fans, Sirens' tracklist crosses realm after realm and tells story after story.  We open with an a cappella piece, just as on Sooj's first album Haphazard, and then we take no prisoners, going straight into S. J.'s pagan punk anthem, "Go Away, God-boy!"  The surprises continue, with S. J.'s beloved song series The Wendy Trilogy, in which Peter Pan's Wendy learns how to be a pirate and eventually overthrows Captain Hook! This album also features the original recording of Sooj and Betsy's classic tango, "Alligator in the House",  and "Cold Sunshine", which was the first Sooj song that Betsy ever wrote a cello part for.  S. J.'s home rag, the Memphis Flyer, named Sirens "the perfect mix of witty and weighty", perhaps because near the end we have to grab the tissue box to get through "Valkyrie Daughter", a memorial piece concerning Norse gods and the bond between fathers and daughters.

With S. J.'s customary whimsy and deep doses of truth, Sirens teases the shore of cold, hard reality, dancing on a tide of riddles and fantasies.

Note: the current print run of the Sirens CD will be the last before the album & several songs undergo revision by Sooj.  That means less than 1,000 unclaimed copies of this CD currently exist, and that's all.

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Price: $16.95

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