Solace & Sorrow

When S. J. met author Catherynne M. Valente in 2006, they had no idea what fond collaborators they would soon become.  Solace & Sorrow, sister album to For the Girl in the Garden, is S. J.'s second book soundtrack, inspired by Valente's novel, The Orphan's Tales: in the Cities of Coin & Spice.  This album is currently out of print, but S. J. plans to reprint this disc as part of a double album with For the Girl in the Garden. Both albums feature songs directly inspired by characters and events from The Orphan's Tales, interspersed with Sooj's own remarkable readings. Most notably, Solace & Sorrow features both "Firebird's Child" and a portion of the story that inspired it, "The Fire Dancer's Tale." You can read all about the book here, and listen to the album online at the Solace & Sorrow download page

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