Online Show Tonight, and a Special Invitation

Join me on Concertwindow this evening from 8-9pm Central!

I’ll be dedicating a tune to my friend Travis Prinslow and his family tonight.  The decision was made to take Travis, who’d been gravely ill for many days, off of life support this morning.  He was the best of Lost Boys, part of our Faerieworlds family, and so I plan to sing “The Lost Girls’ Lament” for him tonight.  The song is as yet unreleased.  I wrote it specifically for my friend Shelly Riggs’ play, Pirate Girl, back in 2015.  In the play, the cast brought the whole house to tears with that song.  I am trying to get all of my crying out of the way this afternoon.  I invite all of you to sing with me tonight when I perform this piece.  You’ll pick it up very quickly, don’t worry.  And while I may not be able to hear you through my laptop screen, I’m betting that Travis will hear you just fine. 🙂   The lyrics are below.  

Thank you all for your support of my online shows!  Tonight’s will be number six this year!


The Lost Girls’ Lament c. S. J. Tucker, 2015

Lullaby for a pirate lost

Oh, Lullaby

Fearless and true to the end were you

Oh, Lullaby

May the stars hold your spirit, the sweet waves your bones

Oh, Lullaby

Watch over us now, wherever we roam

Oh, Lullaby

Oh, Lullaby, oh, Lullaby!

Watch over us now from the stars as we roam

Oh, Lullaby

Last Modified: Jul 01, 17
Posted: Jul 01, 17