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Paragould, AR: Sooj & Renée Janski Perform at Beltane 2017 @ Freeman Sanctuary
May 5 – May 7 all-day
Paragould, AR: Sooj & Renée Janski Perform at Beltane 2017 @ Freeman Sanctuary | Paragould | Arkansas | United States

Beltane 2017: Growing From Our Roots

Sooj & Renée will take the stage at this lovely close-to-home event on Saturday evening, May 6th.  Special thanks to Bobbye for welcoming us!


Come join us as we welcome the Queen of the May! We have new games planned to win the hand of the Beautiful Queen, children’s activities, rituals, candlelight labyrinth and of course MUSIC! S. J. Tucker & Renée Janski will be gracing our stage, as well as our very own BOO! Heidi will enthrall us with her Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing, and Minion will spin your cares away with his fabulous poi!


Please copy and paste following information into email and place Beltane 2017 registration in the subject line:
First Name:
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Last Name:
Birth Date ( including year)
Full Address
We also require a legal picture ID for all adults
If you are under 18, you need to type your guardian signature below.
If you wish to drink alcohol, you will need to show ID at the gate.

Do you have medical conditions we need to be aware of?
Medical Conditons:
(we reccomend that if you are on daily medications that you keep them locked in your vehicle)

If you will be vending we need your booth name, types of items you are selling.
Since there is no extra charge for vending we require 1 item be donated to raffle for the land fund.

If you want to lock in the pricing you MUST pay at the time you register!
We accept payment in the following ways:
-PayPal (email for information)
-cash at the gate
-debit card at the gate

If you wish to have an electrical hook up, they are very limited and must be pre-approved and paid with your registration. There is a $20 per cord service fee. Even if you are a workshop presenter or staff there will be a charge and it needs to be paid in advance as spots are limited, and while we will make every effort to assure there are no surges or outages, these cannot be guaranteed and we are NOT responsible for any damages incurred.

December 2016 to Jan 31, 2017 $25/per adult
February 1-28, 2017 $35/per adult
​March 1-31, 2017 $45/per adult
April 1-30, 2017 $55/per adult
May 1 registration is closed but you may pay at the gate in cash only
$60 at the gate cash only adult

$10/vendors and workshops
$25/vendors, workshops, and concert
Children day passes
0-12. Free
$5 vendors, workshops, children’s activities 13-18 yes
$10 vendors,workshops, children’s activities and concert

Cosby, TN: Sooj’s Internal Alchemy workshop & mini-concert at May Moon Magick 2017 @ Cerren Ered & Dragonshire Campgrounds
May 11 – May 14 all-day
Cosby, TN: Sooj's Internal Alchemy workshop & mini-concert at May Moon Magick 2017 @ Cerren Ered & Dragonshire Campgrounds | Cosby | Tennessee | United States

May Moon Magick 2017: Weaving the Web

Musical headliners this year are Leo Starwind and the incomparable Spiral Rhythm!  Sooj & her husband Ryan will each teach a workshop this year.  Times TBA.  Stay tuned!
Come to The Valley of the Dragons as we celebrate May Moon Magick in Beautiful East Tennessee , under the shadow of the Great Smokey Mountains, we gather to Celebrate the Coming of Summer, as we mark the Turning of the Wheel, we invite you to come join us for four days and nights of Joyful communion with The Forces of Nature and The Power of Community, to Play in the Wood, Walk the Sacred Paths, Drum by the Fire, Reach for the Moon, Dance in the May…

The Theme for this year’s May Moon Magick is Weaving the Web.  We will focus on How We Are Connected and How We Build those Connections.  Our Totem for this Event is Grandmother Spider: The Weaver, The Fire Bringer. The Center Piece, as always, of May Moon Magick will be Sunday’s Weaving of the MayPole.  Activities will include Rituals, Drum Circles, Workshops, Bonfires, Music, Children Activities, Adult Activities, and Saturday Feast.

Adult: 100$ (Regular Price)
Children: 12 -17: 40$
Children 11 and under: Free
DayTrip: 50$ / day

This event is held on private property and we reserve the right to turn anyone away or ask them to leave.

There is NO fee for VENDING, but we do ask for a donation for our fundraising raffle.

For More Information Contact: Thorne or
Cerren Ered P.O. Box 890, Gatlinburg, Tn 37738

No unattended Minors. Absolutely NO pets.

Join us as we Light the Fires, Sing the Songs, Dance the Dance, Spin the Points, Turn the Wheel, and WEAVE THE WEB.

Memphis, TN: Sooj Performs at the Flint Witch Festival @ Meeman Shelby State Park
May 18 – May 21 all-day
Memphis, TN: Sooj Performs at the Flint Witch Festival @ Meeman Shelby State Park | Millington | Tennessee | United States

YAY! We’re throwing a festival! After nearly two decades of involvement in the pagan community, the Flint Witches are throwing their first festival! Come join us as we get our “Summer Camp” on Pagan style!

For those who are not familiar, the Flint Witches started out as a group of pagans living on Flint Street in Jonesboro, AR. They got involved in the pagan community in Jonesboro, and eventually moved to Memphis. For years they served as host for both Summerland Grove and Southern Delta events in Memphis, as well as many rites of passage. The Flint Witch way is very much a matter of service to the community, with lots of crafting and a nice heaping spoonful of mischief.

 As one would expect, this will not be your average festival. This is PAGAN SUMMER CAMP. Get set to get divided into Houses, compete in all kinds of games, sing around the campfire and welcome the warmer days of May!


Respond to our event page on Facebook to keep up with the goings on!

KCMO Area: Heartland Pagan Festival 2017 @ Camp Gaea Retreat Center
May 25 – May 29 all-day
KCMO Area: Heartland Pagan Festival 2017 @ Camp Gaea Retreat Center | McLouth | Kansas | United States

Join Sooj, Renée, Tuatha Dea, and delightfully witchy others at the 32nd annual Heartland Pagan Festival!  Held each Memorial Day weekend, Heartland Pagan Festival is five days and four nights of magic, music, workshops and rituals, with plenty of time to connect with the gorgeous green spaces of Gaea Retreat Center.  

S. J. & Renée and Tuatha Dea will give their big back-to-back concert on Sunday evening of the festival.  Sooj and Renée have a Bardic Circle performance on Saturday afternoon, and Sooj will teach her Internal Alchemy workshop during the weekend!  

Register to attend here!





West Plains, MO: Sooj performs at 3 Gates Gathering @ Wite Ravyn Campground
Jun 9 – Jun 11 all-day
West Plains, MO: Sooj performs at 3 Gates Gathering @ Wite Ravyn Campground | West Plains | Missouri | United States

Join Sooj, Mama Gina, Bran Cerddorion, speakers Prudence Priest & Rowena Whaling, and hosts Willo’ Wellspring & Alfred Willowhawk for some sweet summer magic & music at the edge of the mountains!

Three Gates Gathering is a Mystery School that is the brainchild of Willo’ Wellspring established in 2008. Its mission is to provide an educational opportunity for individuals from every tradition and at every level to learn and grow from each other in a stress free, family oriented environment while also accommodating adult needs.  People and groups of Pagans from all over North America come for this weekend of fellowship, music, and learning.


Southern IL: Sooj at PSG 2017 @ Tall Tree Lake
Jun 18 – Jun 25 all-day
Southern IL: Sooj at PSG 2017 @ Tall Tree Lake | Vienna | Illinois | United States

PSG is an intense and beautiful week long festival, all about exploring your spiritual connection to others and to the planet.  Not only that, but it draws some REALLY GREAT PERFORMERS!  Sooj is thrilled to be back, and to share the spotlight with Spiral Rhythm, Nathaniel Johnstone & Tempest, Sentinel Grove, Damh the Bard, and Arthur Hinds!

Presenters for this year include Sooj’s buddies Tempest, River Higganbotham, the effervescent Selena Fox, and more!

“Each year, the PSG community comes together, creates, and lives in a 21st century Pagan village which is our home for the duration of the weeklong celebration of Summer Solstice. The sacred fire that we light during our Opening Ritual and keep burning throughout symbolizes the solstice sun and spirit of the PSG community.”

Connect with Community!  Don’t wait until the gate opens – connect with the PSG community online via Twitter and on our Facebook Group

Questions or Concerns? Email at and our office staff will get right back to you.

Sooj will be performing all over the place during the week of PSG; she’ll have a morning performance, a noon show, and an evening concert, plus participation in the beautiful new tradition known as BARDAPALOOZA, a giant jam session begun in the Year of the Flood, when all the PSG performers get together and rock out!  

She’ll also be teaching two workshops, times TBA!  Here they are:

Internal Alchemy
In our day-to-day, we often face negativity aimed at our creative pursuits; sometimes it even comes from within. Sooj shares her own practical magic for facilitating the fantastical in the face of such nonsense: how she slays deadlines, cultural conditioning & self-doubt with respect to writing & singing songs for a living. Expect a few lively live numbers & many optional techniques which can be applied not just to writing music or stories, but also to spellwork, ritual craft & all the arts.
Balladcraft: Something Old, Something New
Everyone loves a good  story.  We’ve all felt the spell that a story or song can cast upon us as it is shared.  Those of us who don’t fancy being stolen away by the faeries before we’re good & ready have tons of respect for songs & stories handed down through time. Join Sooj & friends as we investigate some good old LONG ballads reborn, as well as some good NEW ballads you may not have heard before! As time allows we’ll also share the stories behind those ballads & give a few presentation tips for aspiring bards & balladeers!


Middleton, WI: Sooj supports Renée Janski, National Women’s Music Festival @ Marriott Madison West
Jul 7 all-day
Middleton, WI: Sooj supports Renée Janski, National Women's Music Festival @ Marriott Madison West | Middleton | Wisconsin | United States

The National Women’s Music Festival is a four-day musical and cultural extravaganza that incorporates all facets of women’s lives. It’s a jam-packed long weekend where choices for things to do range from workshops, concerts, comedy, theatre presentations, a marketplace, newly released films and videos, a live auction, spirituality series, writer’s series and much, much more!

Attendees come from all genders and cultures, cutting across ethnic, racial, sexual, age, and ability boundaries. Likewise, Festival programming reflects many points of view; a diversity of ideas and topics are explored and discussed in a safe environment. Festival is an environment in which philosophies and politics are open for discussion, not mandated or judged.

Sooj, Renée, RJ and friends will perform on the Friday Day Stage, Sooj will give a workshop, and Renée will direct the women’s chorus at the festival!

Vandalia, IL: Sooj Performs at Venus Music Festival @ Venus Land
Aug 25 – Aug 27 all-day
Vandalia, IL: Sooj Performs at Venus Music Festival @ Venus Land | Vandalia | Illinois | United States

Picture it:  Rural Midwest on a clear August night.  If you like camping, music, food, inspiration, and like souls where everyone fits, then come celebrate with us at Venus Music Festival!

Artists from around the US congregating in one place to raise the energy level to epic proportions.  Vibrate on a plane of highest intent.  Shine and share your best nature… LOVE!
Come and camp under the stars for two nights.

Meet & Greet, Karaoke, and Open Mic on Friday!

On Saturday, peruse the marketplace where you will find massage, tarot card readings, inspirational bookstore, beautiful up-cycled creations, kettle corn, and shaved ice!  Learn something new in one of our workshops – whether it is Ghost Hunting with the Bond County Ghost Hunter’s Association or Letting Go and Setting Intentions, you are SURE to find something interesting!

Sunday morning guided meditation before you go home rejuvenated for the rest of the year… then… make plans to come back next year!!!

August 25, 26, & 27.

Tickets only $40

Proceeds go to the “Love, Mrs. Osborne” project that gives financial support to students who are involved with music programs!

August 25, 26, & 27

We are still on family land, and we’re still just as awesome… if not awesomER!

Larry (Summer’s dad) decided we needed more room for Venus to be able to GROW! So he’s GIVEN us acreage so we can do JUST THAT!
HOW AMAZING! (Thanks, dad…)


Tijeras, NM: Sooj at Chamisa’s Magical Mountain Mabon @ Cedro Peak Campground
Sep 14 – Sep 17 all-day
Tijeras, NM: Sooj at Chamisa's Magical Mountain Mabon @ Cedro Peak Campground | Tijeras | New Mexico | United States

More info should be available from the event organizers in June 2017.  Event is exclusive to those who register ahead of time.

Belmont, NC: Sooj at Piedmont Pagan Pride Day @ Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park
Sep 23 all-day
Belmont, NC: Sooj at Piedmont Pagan Pride Day @ Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park | Belmont | North Carolina | United States

Sooj’s first chance to sing in NC since 2014! Special thanks to Willow & the whole Piedmont PPD team for making it happen!

“Join us for our fifteenth annual celebration of community. Our entertainment this year will be songstress S. J. Tucker. Our keynote speaker will be Byron Ballard from Asheville NC.”