Concert Calendar

Cosby, TN: Sooj’s Internal Alchemy workshop & mini-concert at May Moon Magick 2017 @ Cerren Ered & Dragonshire Campgrounds
May 11 – May 14 all-day
Cosby, TN: Sooj's Internal Alchemy workshop & mini-concert at May Moon Magick 2017 @ Cerren Ered & Dragonshire Campgrounds | Cosby | Tennessee | United States

May Moon Magick 2017: Weaving the Web

Musical headliners this year are Leo Starwind and the incomparable Spiral Rhythm!  Sooj & her husband Ryan will each teach a workshop this year.  Times TBA.  Stay tuned!
Come to The Valley of the Dragons as we celebrate May Moon Magick in Beautiful East Tennessee , under the shadow of the Great Smokey Mountains, we gather to Celebrate the Coming of Summer, as we mark the Turning of the Wheel, we invite you to come join us for four days and nights of Joyful communion with The Forces of Nature and The Power of Community, to Play in the Wood, Walk the Sacred Paths, Drum by the Fire, Reach for the Moon, Dance in the May…

The Theme for this year’s May Moon Magick is Weaving the Web.  We will focus on How We Are Connected and How We Build those Connections.  Our Totem for this Event is Grandmother Spider: The Weaver, The Fire Bringer. The Center Piece, as always, of May Moon Magick will be Sunday’s Weaving of the MayPole.  Activities will include Rituals, Drum Circles, Workshops, Bonfires, Music, Children Activities, Adult Activities, and Saturday Feast.

Adult: 100$ (Regular Price)
Children: 12 -17: 40$
Children 11 and under: Free
DayTrip: 50$ / day

This event is held on private property and we reserve the right to turn anyone away or ask them to leave.

There is NO fee for VENDING, but we do ask for a donation for our fundraising raffle.

For More Information Contact: Thorne or
Cerren Ered P.O. Box 890, Gatlinburg, Tn 37738

No unattended Minors. Absolutely NO pets.

Join us as we Light the Fires, Sing the Songs, Dance the Dance, Spin the Points, Turn the Wheel, and WEAVE THE WEB.

KCMO Area: Heartland Pagan Festival 2017 @ Camp Gaea Retreat Center
May 25 – May 29 all-day
KCMO Area: Heartland Pagan Festival 2017 @ Camp Gaea Retreat Center | McLouth | Kansas | United States

Join Sooj, Renée, Tuatha Dea, and delightfully witchy others at the 32nd annual Heartland Pagan Festival!  Held each Memorial Day weekend, Heartland Pagan Festival is five days and four nights of magic, music, workshops and rituals, with plenty of time to connect with the gorgeous green spaces of Gaea Retreat Center.  

S. J. & Renée and Tuatha Dea will give their big back-to-back concert on Sunday evening of the festival.  Sooj and Renée have a Bardic Circle performance on Saturday afternoon, and Sooj will teach her Internal Alchemy workshop during the weekend!  

Register to attend here!





West Plains, MO: Sooj performs at 3 Gates Gathering @ Wite Ravyn Campground
Jun 9 – Jun 11 all-day
West Plains, MO: Sooj performs at 3 Gates Gathering @ Wite Ravyn Campground | West Plains | Missouri | United States

Join Sooj, Mama Gina, Bran Cerddorion, speakers Prudence Priest & Rowena Whaling, and hosts Willo’ Wellspring & Alfred Willowhawk for some sweet summer magic & music at the edge of the mountains!

Three Gates Gathering is a Mystery School that is the brainchild of Willo’ Wellspring established in 2008. Its mission is to provide an educational opportunity for individuals from every tradition and at every level to learn and grow from each other in a stress free, family oriented environment while also accommodating adult needs.  People and groups of Pagans from all over North America come for this weekend of fellowship, music, and learning.


Denver: Sooj & Leslie Hudson @ Living Earth House
Jul 22 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Denver: Sooj & Leslie Hudson @ Living Earth House | Denver | Colorado | United States


Put a Pixie from the South and a Goddess from North of the Border together in concert and what do you get?  Let’s find out!  Sooj’s Pixie Magic and Leslie’s Goddess Goodness fuse tonight in the name of music and magic at Living Earth House.  Don’t miss it! 

Doors will open at 7:30pm. 40 tickets available.

Singer-songwriters S. J. Tucker and Leslie Hudson are sharing the spotlight for the first time ever this summer as part of Leslie’s #GoddessRevolution tour!  Lusciously combined shows with these two powerful performers are scheduled in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Washington state, and Oregon.  

Leslie Hudson is a powerhouse performer and prolific songwriter bringing rock, jazz, metal, blues, folk, filk and funk to conventions and venues across Canada and the USA.  The body of her work illustrates the mosaic of the feminine spirit across culture, history and myth, digging into the dirt, traversing the shadows, and bringing the truth to light.  There’s a Goddess Revolution going on and this rebel redhead is voicing the stories of characters who continue to inspire it, from archetypes to Inhumans, without apology.  Hudson’s influences, woven into her voice as well as her fingers on the keys, glide from Tori Amos to Loreena McKennitt, Metallica to Simon & Garfunkel.  Armed with a synesthetic palette, she invites her listeners to see through the eyes of heroines, villains, lovers and liars alike, as she breathes new life into stories less often told.

In 2017 Leslie embarks on a six-month North American tour with stops in more than 20 states and 3 provinces.  On tour as at home her performances range from solo shows to singer-songwriter showcases to 10-piece band showstoppers.  Her recent albums are rooted in the diversity of sci fi, pop culture, folklore, myth, and the lessons life brings.  Find out more at

“Hudson seeks to get under the skin of [her] characters, probe their fictitious souls and, through the raw power of her music, to make them flesh-and-blood, to honor them with real human angst. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.” –Daniel Jun Kim, Pop Mythology

S. J. Tucker, self-motivated singer-songwriter, poet, author and actress, came flying out of the Memphis music scene in 2004, guitar in hand and voice at the ready, and her feet have hardly hit the ground since. Come Monsters, Misfits, and Mythpunks!  Come Witches, Pirates, and Literati!  Come Dreamers fair and Schemers foul!  S. J. Tucker’s got a song for you.  Slinging every sort of tune from a Murder Ballad about robots and thieves to a Shapeshifter’s Riverboat Shanty, this steamy siren slings ’em all from her drumming hands, her dancing guitar, and her soaring voice.  

On the road across the continent full time for a fourteenth year, S. J., called “Sooj” by fans and friends, deftly binds together the varied elements of jazz, folk, and fairytales in her original tunes. No two of her concerts are the same, but listeners and critics compare her guitar work to that of Emily Saliers, her vocal delivery to KT Tunstall and Joni Mitchell. The body of her recorded work spans more than thirteen years and features frequent guest performances by other hardworking indies. S. J. often travels solo, but also shares concerts with her 3-piece band Tricky Pixie, Toronto’s Heather Dale Band, Seattle’s Dogwood & Johnstone, and now the lovely Leslie Hudson!  

“Tucker is not only fantastic; she’s like a character out of a fantasy novel. She weaves myth and magic into her lyrics as easily as a strain of cello, a lick of something electric, the chuffing of a train engine…Tucker has a knack – no, a genius – for weaving old ways with new.” -C. S. E. Cooney,

Memphis, TN: Sooj at SG’s Festival of Souls 2017 @ Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park
Oct 19 – Oct 22 all-day
Memphis, TN: Sooj at SG's Festival of Souls 2017 @ Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park | Millington | Tennessee | United States

Sooj performs in the forest for her home crowd after a year away.  Join us for a Samhain celebration like no other.  Special thanks to Amy and Brian and all of Summerland Grove!