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2 tracks available now via Bandcamp, and the main mix has been sighted in the Apple Music store, should be hitting Spotify & all the rest very soon if it hasn’t yet! I wrote this song in early 2015 after a nightmare, plus learning about the Doomsday Clock, and…well. Again, here we are, closer to Midnight by nearly half that. My goal & my hope is to help us process and survive our (my) worst fears with this piece and its b-side remix, rather than just poking them with a stick to stir them up.

If any of you are up for publishing a review of one or both remixes, please let me know, and let me offer you a free download in return! Podcast hosts, same offer applies. Write to me: sjtuckermusic@gmail.com

For those curious about my recording studio process with these: the main remix has better and more tasteful EQ to my ears, with the drum elements & some vocal effects rearranged just slightly. The b-side mix has barely any drum elements at all, giving the strings & things a bit more space to shine. I used a service called CloudBounce for mastering, and I think that went well.

Thank you all for listening, even to the scary things. Watch the stars and hold the light burning in your heart.