2 free streams this week + concerts to come!

Hello, shining ones.  
Joy has been at a premium for most of us this year, I know.  I’m gonna try to keep the joy and the music flowing through December, on this end and the other end of the Longest Night.  Nothing allows me to do that like CONCERTS!!  I’m gonna be part of TWO FREE streamed events this week.  

1. #GIVINGTUESDAY DECEMBER 1ST, 7pm Eastern (6pm Central, 5pm Mtn, 4pm Pacific) on my own little YouTube channel, please join me in hosting the musicians of The Green Album in a multinational reunion concert, THE GREEN STREAM!  

Watch here!

My Tennessee rock band buddies Tuatha Dea will play emcee, and we’ll hear from our org of choice, Rainforest Trust, between songs.  Performers will include yours truly, Tuatha Dea, Ginger Doss, Bekah Kelso, Damh the Bard, Wendy Rule, Sharon Knight & Winter, Kellianna, Celia, Spiral Dance (from Australia), and more.  Everyone will perform the song they contributed to The Green Album in 2016 (“1157” is my song), and we’ll discuss what the songs mean to us.  If you’re more comfortable watching streams on Facebook, Tuatha Dea will host the stream on their page there at the same time.  Hard Rock Cafe Pigeon Forge will also stream us (wow!) so there are many ways to watch.  (As far as I know, if you miss the live premiere, everything will stay archived on my channel afterwards, and also Rainforest Trust will have a permanently embedded replay on their own website.  If and when you happen to send a donation to Rainforest Trust, please tell them The Green Album sent you.)

2. THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 5TH, 8pm Eastern (7pm Central, 6pm Mtn, 5pm Pacific) on the GreenSong festival’s Youtube Channel and Facebook page, I’ll perform for their Change Maker series.  It’s free to watch, and the org is taking donations- they’ll give me a percentage afterward, which is very kind.  GreenSong runs a stream every Saturday through December 19, with a different guest speaker and a different guest musician each week.  

Watch here.

And there’s more to come later this month! 

-DECEMBER 11: I’ll be part of the Hammertown Pagan Pub Moot’s online winter concert stream, shared with Heather Dale!  That show will be the evening of December 11th at http://onlineconcertthing.com – ticket link coming soon.

-DECEMBER 20: I’ll be a special guest during the Heather Dale Band’s online Yule concert on December 20!  Get your tickets for that here!

And now, my favorite announcement: 

DECEMBER 27 at 2pm Central (3 Eastern, 1 Mtn, Noon Pacific, 7pm GMT), please help me welcome the mighty Tuatha Dea to Online Concert Thing, in all their steampunk-rock-Americana glory!  The band and I will share a full length concert online for the very first time, and you can bet we will make the magic as memorable as we possibly can!  Get tickets right here!

In other fun news…

-BANDCAMP FRIDAY is coming around again this week, December 4th from midnight to midnight Pacific time!  Since the pandemic asserted itself here in the US back in March & ate up everyone’s touring plans, Bandcamp has waived their share of music sales the first Friday of every month, in order to help us musicians keep a roof over our heads.  That includes merch sales AND downloads at my store, http://music.sjtucker.com.  This kindness and everyone’s support has made a big difference for me, and for my fellow musicians as well, I’m sure.  If you’d all recommend my “Solstice Night” single, my “The Feast of Krampus” single, and/or my Winter Wish EP on that day to your friends and family, for their seasonal music needs, I’d be grateful.  

Winter Wish

Solstice Night

The Feast of Krampus

Winter Wish arrived last December, and I’m looking forward to those songs making the rounds in your hearts and minds again, as well as in my own.  The EP includes extra Krampus shenanigans, the Mari Lwyd, my seasonal songs, and more.

-KASHKASH MADE SOME WAVES!  This past Friday evening, I posted a little live clip of my song “Kashkash, A Nursery Rhyme” on Tiktok (follow me there at @sjtuckermusic if you like), and it blew up a little bit!  Maybe it’s the snazzy striped glasses I was wearing, I don’t know, but I’ve gained something like 1600 new followers there in 72 hours! Whatever it was, I’m thrilled to see my song get so much love.  Those of you who enjoy that app, if you have song requests for me, please share them & I’ll consider how best to present those songs for the 1-minute Tiktok format!

That’s all for now. Everyone please stay safe. We’re almost through with 2020. I’ll see you soon onscreen, I hope.