3 New Songs out today!

  1. For all of us who “don’t fit”: Girl with the Golden Ball
  2. For the strength in us when things get grim: Gosling Girl
  3. For my long-ago Train Family, and all of us who love Catherynne M. Valente’s stories: The Train Suite II: The Marginalia Line I hope these make your day a little brighter. Remember that any download or merch orders I receive today, Nov 6, Bandcamp will give me 100% and not take their usual cut. They’ve been doing this for musicians every month since the pandemic began. I have these new songs set up so that you can download them for free if you need to, but if you spend money on me today, know that I’ll get just about all of it. Shop here, and support your other faves if you’re able. We thank you.