4.5 Star Stolen Season review from Heath Andrews

Believe it or not, it’s pretty rare for someone to give me an album review that includes any sort of constructive criticism and feedback.  The first time it happened, the reviewer was a friend of mine, and he was worried I’d be so offended by his (very useful and not at all nasty) criticism that we wouldn’t be friends anymore.  I reassured him very quickly that I could take it, and it actually is a thing I can appreciate.  If people who like what you do don’t point out the things that would get them to like what you do even more, how you gonna grow?

Mind you, I love the hell out of any glowing praise I get.  But Heath Andrews gives me more than that in his recent review.  It’s clear to me that he really took the time to listen critically to Stolen Season, and I’m grateful to him for it!  In spite of the things he found to be not quite as good as they could have been (lengthwise and mood-wise, primarily), he STILL gives the album 4.5 out of 5 stars, gives me all sorts of mixing and song treatment compliments, and states that the album “does this genre well and it does this genre proud,” meaning my interpretation of Southern Blues.  Hardcore fans of mine may take exception to a couple of his statements, but me?  I’m taking it all as input that I can really use.

Thank you so very much, Heath, for taking the time. 🙂

Read the full review here and check out the rest of his reviews on Tumblr while you’re at it.  Good stuff from somebody who really listens.