New Release Goodies: album art, song titles for WONDERS

The new release is getting very close.  I’ve been hard at work on what are turning into the final mixes of eleven new songs- the last one I had left on my wish list for the WONDERS project *finally* allowed itself to be lured out of my 12-string guitar and my C pennywhistle tonight!

I’m pretty excited, so I wanted to share the song names (still figuring out what order they’ll go in) and the heart-stoppingly awesome album art contributed by Chaz Kemp Illustration.

Wonders cover art by Chaz Kemp

Wonders cover art by Chaz Kemp


The Songs:

September’s Rhyme


Little Skylark (Safe at Home)

Glashtyn Shanty

Ask Me Anything (Ell’s song)

September Morning Bell

The Great Velocipede Migration

For Iago

Sailing Song

Little Skylark (The Worsted Wood)

Not the Villain

Song of the Witches

Wonders song art by Chaz for "Song of the Witches"

Wonders song art by Chaz for “Song of the Witches”


I’m on schedule for a digital release on October 1st, which is handy.  All the songs on this album are inspired by Catherynne M. Valente’s first book about Fairyland, and I get to release the album the same day that she releases the third Fairyland book.

In fact, we get to celebrate our new, shiny creativity-babies together, in person, which is something we get to do when we are really fortunate in schedule and timing.

We’ll be at WORD bookstore in Brooklyn, NY, together with some exceptional friends and fellow performers, presenting a mini variety show of music, readings, dance, and performance art.  I can’t think of a better way to bring Wonders into the world.

I’ll have the album ready for download at the stroke of October, on my download page.

At the live shows in New York and for as long as they last, I’ll have full-size, full-color stickers of Chaz’s gorgeous cover art available for sale.  Until the physical CD is mastered, printed, and replicated, the stickers will be my method of selling the new album at concerts- each sticker will have a unique Wonders download code on the back!  Snazzy, no?

Stickers for the Wonders release

Stickers for the Wonders release