Album Reviews: Stolen Season

“Stolen Season [has the sort of] masterful arrangement of instruments, amazing storyteller lyrics and the powerful vocals that Sooj’s fans have come to expect, but it has a bit of a darker feel. The haunting lyrics speak of personal empowerment and retaining yourself even in matters of the heart. The slow Southern Blues sound with a hint of Jazz thrown in for flavor makes me think of smoky speakeasies and warm summer nights. Stolen Season remains true to the fairytale nature of Sooj’s lyrical stories while adding a rawness and depth of emotion that, while not absent in previous albums, was not nearly as present there as it is here.”

–Sabrina Leah, Auditory Addiction


“S. J. Tucker mixes Joni Mitchell, M. R. James, Led Zeppelin, Sandy Denny and Grimm’s Fairy tales. Her music is rich in imagery, considering the influences. Each track has its own story and vibe. ┬áThis is an album you can get lost in if you put in the time.”

thisyearinmusic, West London