Angels of the Meanwhile

Making many lives better with stories, poems, art and intent is a damn fine set of superpowers.

Many of you will recall when I fell unexpectedly ill in 2009, was hospitalized, and had to have surgery.  The moment word got out, a group of creative superheroes disguised as writers, poets, artists, photographers, attorneys, layout gurus, and generally lovely people started a tiny crowdfunding movement AND conjured a really amazing fiction/fantasy anthology to help me offset looming medical costs.  This creative synergy and support has become a tradition in the various communities which I’m blessed to be part of.

Now, one of the lovely people who helped me in my time of need stands to benefit from another awesome book of goodies, made of wonders contributed by all sorts of wordsmiths and artists (I have a piece in the anthology, by direct request from the anti-damsel in under-control distress, herself).  It’s called Angels of the Meanwhile, and it’s available for pre-order.  You decide how much you pay.  Whatever that amount is, even if it’s $1, it goes to help my friend and favorite legal advisor, Elizabeth R. McClellan, in her time of need.  More of the story, and more about the stories you’ll get for helping out.

“Pay what you will shall be the whole of the fundraiser…Though there’s not a single guiding theme to the collection, be assured that monster girls, mermaids, witches, and wonders abound. Please order, spread the link, boost, make noise, share to high heavens. Anything you can give, even attention, helps.”