Another Dream Come True

Hi, everyone! I just got home from the summer leg of my tour, and I’m recovering blissfully from the road.  Hello from our little piece of paradise!  I hope you’re all having grand adventures.

It’s my pleasure to announce that a couple of new and nifty things I’ve long been waiting for are now for realsies and in the world.

Two of my favorite makers, my friends Liv and Andross in Kansas City, have released some amazing stuff upon the world this year, in addition to moving to a new house and sending their son off to college!

1. Many of you have seen me out on the road with the new Underhill Alchemy fragrance oil blends on my merch table!  There are now scents called the Tricky Pixie Collection: twelve perfumes directly inspired by the band and our music!  Check them out, along with the whole list of Underhill Alchemy fragrances right here!

2. This is the big news.  This fall, I’ll have the new S. J. Tucker Labyrinth pendants available at concerts! Andross and Liv and I have been talking about getting these pendants made for years, and now my brilliant friends have done it!  They’ll be available in silver or in pewter, with a vividly purple sugilite stone in the center! Sugilite is one of my favorite stones (partly because it’s pronounced “Sooj-a-lite”, but also because PURPLE), and it’s become increasingly rare in recent years. Liv and Andros searched until they found a supplier who had responsibly harvested, beautiful sugilite for the center of each pendant.  They’re just gorgeous, you guys.  I am over the moon that these are now in the world and that I can share them with you.

labyrinth pendants!

Up top: tarnish resistant sterling silver.  Underneath: oxidized tarnish resistant sterling silver (oooh, the dark side).  See me about these at a show, or order yours directly from Liv and Andross at their website.

Friends inspiring each other and thus bringing more beauty into the world = magic.