Another new single today!

Hi, everyone; I hope your Father’s Day weekend is starting off right.
I’m still safe at home with my husband and son, and I’m wishing all of you well and safe every day.
My two online shows this month were just grand, and I’m sending and creating all the tip reward goodies people chose from my June 14 stream.  If you’d like to shop those at any time, show or no show, and please do, click here!

The big news: my little Traveling Song “Chalk on the Sidewalk” from 2015 got a major glowup this week. Renée Janski & Ginger Doss recorded with me remotely, all of us sheltering in place, and I mixed all our tracks together here at home yesterday.

I swear I wrote this five years ago, and not in recent weeks, surreal and heartbreaking as that may be.

Paid downloads today will help support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, in honor of Juneteenth. Click here or in the player above to get the song at whatever price you choose. Donate directly here.

If you’re interested to hear how far this little song has come, here’s the original Traveling Songs demo.

Please remember to uplift & listen to Black voices, musicians of color, and people of color.  Support Black businesses & content creators.  Check your social media feeds & see how diverse they are, and learn, and listen. This work is lifetime, and we need it.

Other joyful news: Online Concert Thing is hosting FOUR concerts this weekend, including one artist new to the platform, Apryl Knight! Apryl’s first concert is airing as I type, and I’m listening to her mad hurdy-gurdy skills, bopping in my seat!  Her second one will air tomorrow afternoon (Saturday), followed by returning artist Rachel Huitsing in the evening.  Then, on Father’s Day Sunday, dulcimer and guitar master Steve Eulberg returns to celebrate and sing with us.  More info on all the shows here.

Just for fun, if you’d like to see the two cover photo outtakes I shared earlier today, one with a little Jesse photobomb, here they are in my public post about “Chalk on the Sidewalk” over at Patreon.

Last thing: I have not yet scheduled any online shows for the month of July, so if you have a date/day of the week/time of day preference, please write and let me know so that I can take it into account!