Another new tune and a new review!

I released an official single of my song, “Look to the Water” on Friday, February 9, in honor of my buddy Denise Parkinson’s birthday, and also the opening of her Delta: Rediscovered exhibit that evening in Little Rock. The exhibit showcases historic black and white photos from the early 20th-Century Arkansas Delta, taken by photographer Dayton Bowers, and also features Denise’s mini-documentary, “Daughter of the White River”, about life on the lower White River and the River People’s most famous community member, Helen Spence.  Denise incorporated this song as part of her documentary.  You can view the exhibit and the documentary together through April 28th of this year, in the Loft Gallery of the Butler Center Galleries, across the street from Little Rock’s River Market.  And you can listen to and download this single version of “Look to the Water” through the Spring Equinox of this year!  After that, wish me luck on this, it will be part of a new full length digital album. 🙂 


“Bad Business”, the tune I released just a couple of days before “Look to the Water,” has its first review- wonderful praise, totally unsolicited, and immensely appreciated!  Read it here!  Thanks so much to Audiofuzz reviewer Phil King for his support and his assessment of this new piece, which has raised $400 for my friend Niki de Soto, recently widowed.  Niki sent her thanks, and says that it helps so much.  Good job, my heart-tribe. 

Here’s that song again, if you haven’t yet heard it.