Art and Awesome, Ice Buckets and Videos

*Munchkin and Cards Against Humanity fans, you want to see this. I’ve played this game in its test form. It’s clever and fun enough that I’d love to see it take off! Plus, the folks who’ve created it are a hoot.

* I finally completed my Ice Bucket Challenge, served up to me two weeks ago by Wotan the Barbarian.

It wasn’t until after I posted the video that I learned I have loved ones for whom the threat of ALS is very real. I had reservations about doing this initially, but now I’m very glad that I did.

It also wasn’t until after I posted the video that I learned from a fan about aspects of ALS treatment research which purportedly involve animal testing.  Nothing is ever simple.  Here is one article about that issue from the ALSA website.  Always get the facts and always speak out with compassion, and with both feet on the ground, about the issues that touch you.
More happily, I want to encourage all of you to do something silly in support of a great cause- make it what you feel is most appropriate and most beneficial. It doesn’t have to involve a bucket of ice water. What wackiness can you come up with that helps out where you are, and makes people laugh?

*My friend Elizabeth’s crowdfunding campaign, which involves 12 pieces of art based on my music, ends in ten days. It needs a little love to reach its goal. If you want art and music from the two of us, please back this project. The art is stunning.