Awesome Press and Upcoming Shows

Heather Dale and I got a mention in the Philadelphia Inquirer, thanks to PhilCon and to our perceptive fan/friend Lynati, who told staff writer Julie Zauzman, “you should be interviewing THESE two ladies!”

THE TOUR: I have been (voluntarily) kidnapped by (really awesome) Canadians and stuffed into their (relatively comfy) car.  They tell me that I’ll be (happily) playing bass, playing guitar, playing djembe, and singing with them for the rest of this month, across two provinces and ten states!  Below is the list of dates and cities where you can catch us all, and I hope you will.  Get ticket info and locations on my tour page.

TONIGHT Nov 11: Troy, NY

Tuesday Nov 12: Kingston, Ontario

Wednesday Nov 13: Toronto, Ontario

Thursday Nov 14: Belleville, Michigan (local to Detroit and Ann Arbor)

Friday Nov 15: Chicago, IL

Saturday Nov 16: Madison, WI

Monday Nov 18: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tuesday Nov 19: Minneapolis, MN

Thursday Nov 21: Lincoln, Nebraska

Friday Nov 22: Denver, CO

Saturday Nov 23: Denver, CO again!

Monday Nov 25: Kansas City, KS

Tuesday Nov 26: St. Louis, MO

Saturday Nov 30: Mt. Joy, PA

Sunday Dec 1: Fredericksburg, VA