Beltane Update

Happy May, everyone!  

April was intense for me in some ways; I hope you’ve all weathered the April showers and blizzards and other changes well.  We had a small tornado come to visit my Arkansas home last month, but all pets and people were unharmed, thankfully.  Many of our poor trees gave life and limb to protect us, and what the NWS designated an EF-0 tornado caused only the barest bit of property damage.  Me and mine are safe and grateful, and my husband and father-in-law have been working hard every day on cleaning things up.  It’s going to take a long time, but we’re thinking positive.  

I have the most shows this month that I’ve had so far in 2018, and they all start this Thursday evening on Concert Window!


  1. May 3rd, 7pm: I’m sharing another online show with the lovely Renée Janski!  We have some surprises planned that you’ll ONLY get to experience during this broadcast, so please join us!  Watch Here when we go live.  
  2. May 5th, Chicago: Renée and I are headlining Spring Tribal Stomp, and we cannot WAIT!  Kamrah will be on site to blow your mind with dance, and Chicago’s own Coelti will be featured fire spinner.  The awesome doesn’t stop there, either!  This is a mini-fest like no other, with vendors and healers and a drum circle and MORE.  Get tickets and more information here!
  3. May 17-20 in Central TN:  The Traveling Fates have our first official show together since 2015, and we’re so grateful to Pagan Unity Fest for bringing us!  Ginger and Bekah and I will also give solo concerts during the fest.  More info here!  
  4. May 23-28, East TN:  I’m headlining with Tuatha Dea at Cerren Ered’s May Moon Magick festival!  The whole Smoky Mountains witchy community has been so good to me in recent years; I’m looking forward to seeing them again, and to all the musical shenanigans that Tuatha Dea and I can conjure up!  More info here!  


New songs continue to roll out of me and into listenable format.  I’ll have some more digital song releases ready for you soon, at the very least.  New album time is very close.  I’m in that magical liminal space right now of really wanting to share it all with you right away, but also wanting to make sure that every song sounds as right as can be before I launch them all.  The tunes I have crossed off my new CD work list so far include “Papa’s Groove”, “Let the River Run”, and “Hekate’s Blues”.  The ones nearly finished include new versions of “Goddess of Love”, “No Fire Like Mine”, and “Trickster Prayer”.  If you’d like to hear them before they’re quite complete, I’ve been sending early listens to my monthly subscribers all year so far.  It’s a simple monthly or yearly PayPal subscription, nothing involving a fancy interface like you’ll find on Patreon, but we have fun.  I’ve been experimenting with short exclusive podcasts for 2018, including the new songs and some info about how they come about, and those have been well received.  Recently my list broke thirty people for the first time in almost a decade!  Sign up info is here.

I wish you all well in your own adventures, always.  Thank you for being such an important part of mine.