Betsy’s New Record!

Best news ever!! I have a Betsy visiting me, and so I’ve been on the periphery of her preparations for the release of her second albumchild.  It’s called Wyverns in the Winery and it’s so rich and fun!  Here’s a taste, with your Sooj on hand percussion:


I’ve been a fan of Betsy’s work from the start, and not just because that’s what best friends do.  Wyverns in the Winery is far more than cello music.  It’s extremely varied in its musical textures, and full of instrumental tracks that uplift the spirit and enrich the imagination with full-color visuals.  I’m no synaesthete (Betsy is), but I’m telling you that this release is a treat for the ears, the mind, AND the mind’s eye.  Go check it out.

Betsy has also announced some sponsorship opportunities for the physical CD release of WITW, as well as the info for the release party in Washington state.  Click here for all of that.  And watch the two of us live on Concert Window tonight if you’re free!