Big Healthy Update part two: Caldera Fest and more

Springtime means festivals for me!  I hope it means the same for you, especially when May gets here!  I’ll be presenting concerts at MarCon in Columbus, the Beltania festival in Colorado, and the big one: Caldera Pagan Music Festival in LaFayette, Georgia, Memorial Day weekend!
This is it: the Pagan Music Festival we’ve all been dreaming of.  GET TICKETS NOW!

I am honored to take part in what’s sure to be a history-making event, and I’m really stoked that a whole bunch of my colleagues and best friends in music will be performing there as well!  Will you be there with us?  Check out the festival website for all the scheduled performers, including Ginger Doss, Damh the Bard, Tuatha Dea, Dragon Ritual Drummers, and soooo many more!

We’ll be releasing THE GREEN ALBUM there with a concert of its very own, in addition to our individual concerts – SO MANY CONCERTS!  

All of the performers will be teaching workshops as well throughout the weekend!  Come and play with us!  If it’s gonna be the Witchy Woodstock, it needs you as much as it needs us!


I know how hard it can be to budget time and money for travel, but I’m telling you- if you’re gonna choose one event to spend it all on this year, Caldera Fest is the one.  

The people who are putting on this event, as well as the other festivals I work with (like last week’s Phoenix Phyre Festival down in Florida and next month’s Amazon Music Fest in Arkansas), are real folks just like us, who are giving this dream everything they’ve got.  They’re managing logistics like they’ve been doing it professionally all their lives- I mean it, I’m impressed!  They’re putting in so much time and energy, and they’re giving us the best ticket prices that they possibly can- AND definitely giving us our money’s worth in music, magic, community, and connection.  They’re giving us a chance to make memories together that will last in songs and stories for generations to come.


I hope to see you at Caldera Fest, if it is in any way possible for you not to miss it.