Bones and Jubilation

My friend Lupa is in the process of creating a new divination tool:  The Tarot of Bones.  If those very words pique your interest, click the link and check it out.  One of the reasons I love and respect Lupa is because of her own love and respect for the natural world.  This new tarot comes straight from that place of love and respect.  I’m proud to lend it my support and to share it with you. 🙂

MORE good news:  my hometown Pagan Pride Day group, Conway (Arkansas) Pagan Pride, has confirmed their date and location for 2015!  The 2nd ever Conway Pagan Pride Day will be at Laurel Park on October 24 2015, from 2-8pm.  With the support of Conway’s mayor, who’s been an advocate for the group from the start, the facilitators have landed a more affordable location in town than the local expo center they thought would be their only option!  As a result, they’ve revamped their online fundraiser and stated a super achievable goal for it – $500.  Please join me in supporting Conway Pagan Pride Day 2015!  It’s a free event, and everyone is welcome.  I’ll be performing, of course, and so will my long-time friend Sede!  He and I haven’t gotten the chance to share a concert in years!  It’s high time.

“Conway Pagan Pride Day would like to ask for donations, as well as your support of our vendors, in order to make this and future years a truly memorable experience for the community. Our goal is to raise money to purchase tents, tables, and chairs for the event to be used year after year, as well as to make sure that Conway Pagan Pride is on the way to being self-sustainable in future years. Any donation is appreciated, and we thank you so much for your continued love and support!”