Buncha links, buncha news!

First, and most happily, I’m watching Betsy, Clint and Geli perform right now, thanks to the miracle of livestream!  They covered my song “Rootless” tonight, and it made my heart float.  It’s not every day you get to hear your friends nourish you with a new version of something that came out of your own soul.  I recommend it.

Next, I’ve got a WHOLE bunch more shows with active ticket sales as of today, from this month through to May 2014!  My favorite newly confirmed stop on the tour: Fertile Ground Gathering in Virginia!  Here are the rest of the currently confirmed shows coming up, in chronological order.  More will be going up soon, including Nashville and Little Rock in March, and Colorado in June.  Hope to see you at the concert closest to you. 🙂

Seattle – Women of Wisdom Conference (Feb 15)

NJ – Wicked Faire (Feb 21-23)

Memphis, TN (Feb 26)

Conway, AR (Feb 28)

Kansas City (March 1)

Chicago (March 29)

Fayetteville, AR – Amazon Music Fest (April 12 – early bird tix $40 ’til Feb 14!)

Madison, WI (April 19)

Toronto area (April 25-27)

Youngstown, OH (May 7)

Triangle, VA – Fertile Ground Gathering (May 9)

Fredericksburg, VA (May 10)

Greenbelt, MD (May 11 – no tickets for this one, just come on over.)