Celebrating Margot Adler

I’ve had the pleasure to sing with Margot Adler two times in my life, and to teach with her at a festival once.  I will never forget those experiences.

I will never forget her 1000-watt smile, and her steady voice like a solid beam of moonlight shining on dark water.

I will never forget the effect her writings had on me before we ever met face to face.

I will never forget sharing lunch with her at the airport in Detroit, barely a year ago.

The last time I heard her speak was on NPR.

May her voice, her light, and her spirit live on in the lives of those she touched and taught and sang with.

Here is The Wild Hunt’s lovely piece on her life and her death.


This marks the third time in two weeks I’ve learned of the passing of someone I cared about.  Remember to tell your cherished ones how you feel about them.  Life is so very short.