Concert Sponsor Shoutout: Silver Grove Society

I’ll be making my first appearance ever in Youngstown, Ohio on May 7 2014, and I have some really quality people backing me up. 🙂  Today I’m featuring the Silver Grove Society of the Mahoning Valley on my blog.  If you’re in Ohio, look them up!  They have a meet-up scheduled for today (Tuesday) as a matter of fact.  The meet-ups are the 4th Tuesday of every month at Denny’s in Liberty, Ohio, starting at 7pm.  If you’re free in the area tomorrow and you’d like to connect with this group, that’s where they’ll be.

Here the group’s Facebook group page.  It’s a closed group, but you can get a pretty good sense of it from the link, even so.  Here’s their next public event, a May Day rite on May 3rd, 2014.

I believe in people supporting each other, and the SGS is all about that spirit of community.  From their page:

The Silver Grove Society is the community face of the Covenant of the Silver Grove. We host public sabbat rites and monthly social pagan meet-ups and hope to eventually offer classes and workshops on a variety of Witchcraft/Paganism-related topics. Our goal is to foster a sense of community among the area pagans as well as provide an opportunity for fellowship…If you come in peace with an open heart you are welcome.

I’m pleased and proud to have this group’s sponsorship for my Youngstown concert. 🙂