Creative Spotlights Article

Here is a thing that I absolutely must share with y’all today.  I’ve been included in a brilliant article over on the Creative Spotlights website, as well as in their book, In the Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music. This is the first time that anyone’s ever referred to me as a “key music industry player”!  I’m pretty well over the moon about it. 🙂

The article includes the wise words of several of my contemporaries from all different corners of the music biz, including Grammy winner Fred Lipsius who co-founded Blood Sweat & Tears, and fascinating NYC busker Samantha Echo.  I’m honored all the way down to my striped-socked toes right now.

Read the article here!


Bonus: here’s an Instagram peek into the studio stuff that I’ve been working on with my Tricky Pixie bandmates these past several days!  We’re laying down the baby steps for album #2!