December Shows & More!

In case you missed the brand new music video I released over the weekend, for my remix of a darkwave/synthpop song for which I wrote the lyrics called “Strangelic”:  

Both my remix and Sean C. Cook’s original mix will appear on all the major streaming platforms on or around December 9, but in the meantime, if you’d like to help us raise a little money for a local non-profit LGBTQIA+ aid organization, send your friends here to download the song at a price of their choosing:  

I have one online show this month, coming up Saturday, with my tour mate Leslie Hudson: 

December 12, I’ll give a short online guest stream with the Cauldron of Changes series on YouTube:  

The series is brand new, and I’ve been invited to play a couple of songs live and to share from the heart my thoughts on my own magical practice, my vision, and my hopes & feelings on our witchy community.

December 14, if you enjoy Twitch, come on over for  emptyVeeTV ‘s New Music O’clock video stream! They’ll be sharing the “Strangelic” video during that event, as well as other toothsome tunes and visuals from my colleagues in the goth music world. (Don’t worry, those of you who prefer my more acoustic-based work. I have new things on the horizon for you, too. I promise.)

LASTLY for this month, the big one: I have one more live concert for 2022 on December 19th. That one will be a MUSES ON THE ROAD concert and holiday party at George’s Majestic Ballroom in Fayetteville. If you’re in the area, grab a ticket, and please tell your people! 

We want it to feel like a holiday party as well as a concert, and friends, we are gonna make the most of this because we have not had the opportunity, all of us together, to share a stage since 2019. It’s gonna be very special, very festive, and we’ve got some new musical surprises up our sleeve. We’re also, fingers crossed, fully planning to record the whole thing. Actually, Ginger is planning to record the whole thing, because as you’ve heard me say plenty of times before, the Doss is a boss. 

Keep an eye on your favorite music streaming places over the next few days, because I was finally able to get a couple of my Bandcamp-only releases submitted for wider distribution:  Ember Days  and my two cryptid Carols, “ Welcome Mari Lwyd ” and “ The Feast of Krampus ” (both the electric and acoustic versions), should show up on Apple Music and all the others sometime later this week or next week!