Dirtfaery Signal Boost!

One of my dearest friends is a dirtfaery.  Arguably, she is the dirtfaery.

That’s not an insult.


Sooj & Stevie (as Tink) at Faerieworlds. Photo by Emily Siskin.


She’s brilliant, and she brings her wild troll-and-faery tribe of performers together to enhance the experience of the Faerieworlds festival in Oregon, as often as expenses will allow.  The dirtfaeries are offering incentives and original art to all those who help them raise funds for their journey to the festival this year- and believe you me, the art and goodies offered are as vibrant as the performers are.

Please take a look at their fundraiser, perhaps get yourself some lovely art, and throw in a dollar or two!

Your contribution will help bring the dirtfaeries home to the Realm from as far away as Texas and southern California.  Even if it all turns out to be faerie gold, they’ll find a way to make use of it!


Dirtfaery in Action. Photo by Tuky Lupher.