Down at the Crossroads Podcast Interview

Chris Orapello is one of my favorite podcast hosts.  I also consider him a friend.  He’s great to talk with about all things occult and witchy, as well as music and other inspiring stuff.  Chris invited me back onto his Down at the Crossroads podcast recently, and he’s just posted the episode that includes our chat!  He says I broke his brain a bit by the end of the session.  I promise I didn’t mean to! 🙂  We did go pretty deep, talking about everything from my Stolen Season album, to Ginger Doss‘s music, to how to interact respectfully with the genius loci of any given place.  It was time and energy well spent.

Chris has a great sense of how to put a playlist together, and so the episode also includes some really wonderful music.  Download it directly here if you like, or visit the podcast website here to explore further.   Again, it’ll be time well spent.