Encore Online Concert Tonight!

Tune in on ConcertWindow at 7pm Central!  Click here!

Hi, gang! S. J. here. This online concert will be the third of three that I’m offering up in celebration of April Fool’s Day and my new fancy internet options at home. I may be a little excited about the fact that I can FINALLY get y’all some live music without leaving the house. Even with this being my third online concert in a row, I’ve still got lots to share. Sign on, pay what you want, and get comfortable! I’ve been writing new songs since January, but I have no in-person concerts until May. SO LET’S DO THIS THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY WAY, SHALL WE?

The broadcasts I gave over the weekend went SO well!  I’m thinking that I will go ahead and schedule the next one after tonight for May 1st.  If you like, you can follow me on my ConcertWindow channel so that you don’t miss it!