End of April Update

I have TWO live shows very soon, one in Lawton, Oklahoma, and one plus a workshop at the Beltania festival in Colorado!  This will be my one trip out on the road until August, so having friendly fan faces there will mean so much!  Please come if you can, and please help me spread the word if you can.

Solo Sooj #MayMiniTour concert 
UU Church of Lawton
816 W. Gore Blvd.
Lawton, OK 73501


The UU Church in Lawton is a gorgeous space that’s hosted several concerts for me, and I’m thrilled to get back there on my way to Colorado.  There are 75 seats available and everyone is welcome! Grab yours!

Sooj performs & teaches at the FINAL Beltania Festival
La Foret Retreat Center
6145 Shoup Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80908

REGISTER HERE – final days to do so!

“Beltania is a retreat, camping festival, and music fest. It is geared towards those who practice an Earth-honoring religious or spiritual path. We welcome all who wish to express their support of religious diversity, freedom of expression, and worldwide peace and harmony. Let’s create community, celebration, and deep spiritual connection with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine as we each desire.  Sooj will give a concert on Saturday afternoon at the festival & she’ll teach a workshop on Friday.  More info here.

The Beltania community has been 100% kind and supportive to me over the years, and while it’s bittersweet that this will be the festival’s final year, I look forward to what the Living Earth crew will come up with next!  Let me know if you plan to be there.


–I will most likely give my next online solo show while out on the road, either Sunday May 19 or Monday May 20.  Let me know if you have a preference!  Also, I have a shared online show with Renée Janski scheduled for Sunday, June 16, and she and I are also working on a live concert in Fayetteville, Arkansas for Thursday, June 13!  Stay tuned for more details there, but it’ll be hosted by the UU Church in Fayetteville, which has lovely acoustics.  

My shared online concert with Leslie Hudson on April 23 was a sweet success.  Thanks to all who tuned in for giving her and me a chance to reconnect at last.  Leslie’s music was well received by my online crowd!  If you don’t yet know her work, check it out here.

–Something to keep between us for now, while I make sure that I know how to operate the thing properly:  after much careful thought and collecting of opinions and advice from fans and colleagues, I have launched a Patreon.  Please pledge there if you wish to.  It’ll be a bit quiet for the first couple of months while I make certain that I’m getting the hang of the creator side of the Patreon interface, but as I have a decade’s worth of experience coming up with monthly content for subscribers to enjoy, I can promise that my newness to the Patreon thing won’t prevent me from sending out goodies in a timely way.  I won’t be shouting this from the roof tops or announcing it on social media until summertime most likely, so please don’t worry about sharing the link around just yet.  Those of you who choose to become Patrons of mine in these early days may consider yourselves my top advisors in how to make Patreon a good experience for all of you AND for me.  I appreciate your consideration!  

One thing worth noting:  my preexisting subscription, which has been active since 2009, still exists, and it will stay the same for all of you who’ve subscribed there or who wish to do so now.  I believe I have set my Patreon up in such a way that it will not undercut my regular PayPal monthly and yearly subscribers, otherwise I would not have attempted Patreon at all.  Content between one and the other will mirror itself, so don’t feel as if you must subscribe to both or move from one to the other!  Not at all.  My hope is to be able to curate the same delightful experience for the one as for the other.  I’ll hold myself accountable to all of you for that, so if you see me slipping, please write to me and tell me.  Thank you.