Asheville, NC: S. J. & Ginger Doss Meet n Greet and Concert

May 11, 2024 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Asheville Raven & Crone
640 Merrimon Ave Suite 107
NC 28804
donate what you can to the band and buy our stuff!
Asheville, NC: S. J. & Ginger Doss Meet n Greet and Concert @ Asheville Raven & Crone
Sooj is back, and Ginger’s coming along! Join us at this AMAZING store for a cozy hang and some shared songs! Space is tight, but everyone is welcome. Donate to the performers as you’re able ($20 suggested donation is just fine!), purchase music & goodies from them, and please do shop the store to support this fabulous local business.
Musician S. J. Tucker (“Sooj” to fans and friends) is the voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth, a whimsical wisdom keeper whose concert performances run the gamut from silly to sacred and back again. Whether you found her through solid crowd favorites like “Hymn to Herne” or “Firebird’s Child”, or you’re encountering her fierce, welcoming spirit on stage for the first time this year, S. J. has a song for you. With deft guitar, skillful hand drums, and a siren’s compelling vocals, she wields a rainbow of original music, both plugged and unplugged, known for changing lives and healing wounded hearts.
The music of award-winning singer-songwriter Ginger Doss transforms a lifelong spiritual quest into musical expression ranging from funky tribal jams to tender ballads and beyond. Magic fingers transform the many sounds of the keyboard into sparkling waves of bliss as Ginger weaves their melodic spell with rocking grooves and spine-tingling vocals!