Southern IL: Sooj at PSG 2017

June 18, 2017 – June 25, 2017 all-day
Tall Tree Lake
685 Tall Tree Lake Rd
Vienna, IL 62995
Southern IL: Sooj at PSG 2017 @ Tall Tree Lake | Vienna | Illinois | United States

PSG is an intense and beautiful week long festival, all about exploring your spiritual connection to others and to the planet.  Not only that, but it draws some REALLY GREAT PERFORMERS!  Sooj is thrilled to be back, and to share the spotlight with Spiral Rhythm, Nathaniel Johnstone & Tempest, Sentinel Grove, Damh the Bard, and Arthur Hinds!

Presenters for this year include Sooj’s buddies Tempest, River Higganbotham, the effervescent Selena Fox, and more!

“Each year, the PSG community comes together, creates, and lives in a 21st century Pagan village which is our home for the duration of the weeklong celebration of Summer Solstice. The sacred fire that we light during our Opening Ritual and keep burning throughout symbolizes the solstice sun and spirit of the PSG community.”

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Sooj will be performing all over the place during the week of PSG; she’ll have a morning performance, a noon show, and an evening concert, plus participation in the beautiful new tradition known as BARDAPALOOZA, a giant jam session begun in the Year of the Flood, when all the PSG performers get together and rock out!  


Tuesday, 8:30pm, Main Stage

Wednesday, 10:30 pm, Unplugged at Food Court

Saturday, Noon, Main Stage,

Saturday, 10:00pm, Bardapalooza, Main Stage

She’ll also be teaching two workshops, times TBA!  Here they are:

Internal Alchemy
In our day-to-day, we often face negativity aimed at our creative pursuits; sometimes it even comes from within. Sooj shares her own practical magic for facilitating the fantastical in the face of such nonsense: how she slays deadlines, cultural conditioning & self-doubt with respect to writing & singing songs for a living. Expect a few lively live numbers & many optional techniques which can be applied not just to writing music or stories, but also to spellwork, ritual craft & all the arts.
Balladcraft: Something Old, Something New
Everyone loves a good  story.  We’ve all felt the spell that a story or song can cast upon us as it is shared.  Those of us who don’t fancy being stolen away by the faeries before we’re good & ready have tons of respect for songs & stories handed down through time. Join Sooj & friends as we investigate some good old LONG ballads reborn, as well as some good NEW ballads you may not have heard before! As time allows we’ll also share the stories behind those ballads & give a few presentation tips for aspiring bards & balladeers!