Feb 6 online show & new Bandcamp release today!

Hi, folx! I’ve got only one online show this month, Sunday February 6 at 3pm Central, shared with Renée Janski! Just counting down the hours until showtime now, and I’d love for you to join us! Here’s the ticket link! If you miss it, I’ll offer the video for purchase later at Online Concert Thing.

Bandcamp Friday is TODAY, February 4, and I’ve re-released some old live tracks for the occasion! Grab them at my store here! You can listen before you purchase. All artists will receive an extra 15% of each sale from Midnight to Midnight Pacific time! Thank you all for your support!

Last month I was interviewed on a new-to-me podcast called Shadow Transmission, curated by my new friends in the underground goth & darkwave music scene of Central Arkansas- I didn’t even know we had one of those, neither the scene nor the podcast! Anyhow, I think the interview and the episode turned out great! DJ Hollow is an excellent host and I really enjoyed our conversation. Listen here or wherever you enjoy podcasts.

PSA: As far as I know, it came to the attention of just about the whole internet on February 1st that one purported NFT marketing website claimed it was offering NFT’s (art or other media sold exclusively via cryptocurrency) involving music by just about every musician you can think of, even those of us out here chugging along under our own power, without a record label & with the help of your support, like me. Since it hadn’t yet come up until now, I just want to officially let you know that, unless you hear otherwise directly from me, any NFT site or product claiming to be involved with my music is lying. Please take care and don’t get scammed. I am taking steps to protect my work from this kind of presumptive near-theft, and I will be keeping an eye on the situation, along with my musician’s union, my digital distributor, and my legal counsel.

Sorry to get so serious there at the end! Thank you for sticking with me in this new year. I hope that you are well and safe, and that you have everything you need right now!