February Update: Under the Snow Moon

Happy February, everyone!  I hope your 2016 is off to a lovely start!

My year has been very full so far, but I think I’m managing to find a good balance between work and play.  Getting the tour schedule nailed down is as tricky as it’s always been.  Deep breaths and hot baths and other good stuff are helping me not to get frustrated.  I do have plenty of things already nailed down for this year!  You’re welcome to go and peruse the tour schedule page to see where I’m headed.

This month, I get to perform at the Southwest Women’s UU Conference in Oklahoma!  I’ve never worked with these inspiring ladies before now, but I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll be giving concerts and teaching my Music & Magick workshop, as well as selling CDs and goodies in the vendor hall.  emma’s revolution are also on the bill for the conference!  Pat and Sandy are amazing people, and I’m stoked to share a stage with them again- we met at the Amazon Music Festival in northwest Arkansas a couple of years ago.  Check out their music here!

Speaking of the Amazon Music Festival, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be returning to that event again this year, April 22-23!  More info here.

Other scheduled festival appearances for the coming spring include Phoenix Phyre Festival down in Florida with Mama Gina, and the big one: Caldera Pagan Music Festival in Georgia on Memorial Day weekend!  Everyone’s talking about this event, which premieres this year, and is bringing performers together from at least three continents!  Almost everybody on the bill is a good friend of mine, and I’m so honored to be one of the headliners.  I hope you can join me there.  We’re gonna make history!

Also at CalderaFest, a whole bunch of my colleagues and I will celebrate a very special CD release.  Spearheaded by Danny and Rebecca of Tuatha Dea, the project is called The Green Album.  It’s a compilation CD full of brand-new tunes by witchy & earth-conscious musicians from all over the world, most of whom all know each other from the pagan festival circuit. We’ll be giving a special Green Album concert together at CalderaFest, and that’ll be the CD release party!  After that, the album will be available at all of our individual concerts, wherever in the world we play, as well as up for download.  If you’re excited by this and you want to “play along” with our progress, definitely visit and Like The Green Album page on Facebook.  There’s never been a project quite like this one.  I can’t share the music with you yet, but I can tell you that Ginger Doss, Wendy Rule, Tuatha Dea, Damh the Bard, Celia, Spiral Dance, Spiral Rhythm, myself and all the others are really bringing our A-game to this thing!  Perhaps the best part is that it’s not just about the music- we’ll be donating a percentage of EVERY album sale and download to The Rainforest Trust to help in their conservation efforts all over the world.  Christina, our Rainforest Trust contact, adores the project and has been super proactive and transparent to work with so far.  I’m excited to see where this album goes once we have it ready.  I hope you’ll get excited, too!

I’ve been at home for most of the winter, laying the groundwork for new recordings and albums to come.  My song-a-week group made it to one full year of writing new songs, and now we’re continuing with bi-weekly song prompts, to try to give everyone a bit of a break and a chance to learn all these new things we’ve written over the past year!  I entered NPR’s TinyDesk Contest again also, with a new song and a new YouTube video!  If you want to watch that video, hear that new song, and subscribe to my channel, go here!

Once I got my recording for The Green Album squared away early this month, I hosted my Tricky Pixie bandmates for a planning and recording retreat at my little studio in Arkansas.  Yes, it’s true: we’re FINALLY getting to work on recording our second CD!  I promise to keep you all posted, there.  We’ve got a long road ahead of us this time, partly because we’ve each got a whole list of songs we’d like to record together!  We’ve no notion of a release date at this time, but I can tell you that, once it’s ready, this one’s gonna be really, really good.

Speaking of my bandmates, they’re both on Patreon, creating new, exclusive music regularly!  You should be their patron!

Alec on Patreon

Betsy on Patreon

I myself have something a little less fancy than Patreon, which you’re all welcome to come and be part of if it suits you.  Via Paypal’s very simple recurring subscription service, I send out one new, exclusive mp3 per month to my subscribers!  You may sign up for a monthly subscription, or get $20 off for a yearly subscription.  Check that out here if you like.

One of my most recent new songs is a tribute to February’s full moon, called the Snow Moon.  Since said moon is happening on my birthday this year, I’m going to try to get that song recorded and posted for download in the next seven days!  I’ll announce that release on social media as soon as I pull it off, hopefully on my birthday: February 22nd, one week from today, the date of the full Snow Moon.

Thanks for reading and for being part of the music and the magic!  It wouldn’t be nearly as nifty without you here.