Final Concert Window Show Aug 22!

I’m posting to make absolutely sure everyone knows I have an online concert tomorrow evening (Thurs. Aug 22) at 8 Eastern/7 Central/6 Mountain/5 Pacific, on my Concert Window channel:

This will be my last-ever show on that platform.  Concert Window will shut down forever next month, according to an email I received earlier this month from their current CEO.  Please tune in if you can, to help me make it a truly grand finale.  

I’m on the hunt for the next streaming site to host my online shows, but I have not yet found one that’s the right fit.  I’d love to let you all know once I HAVE found that new online concert home.  To that end, if you’d like to be on an email list JUST for future online concerts of mine, please shoot me a quick email.  I’ll create that list as soon as I know what my plan going forward will be, and I’ll add your email address so that I can fill you in.

Thank you all for your support this year and always, however long or short a time we have been connected. You keep me singing into the dark, the light, the landscape, and my microphones, no matter what else is happening.

Watch the Thursday night online show here:
You choose the ticket price, you choose your level of participation in the chat window, and you choose your own location to watch.  Grab friends.  Grab a snack.  Cuddle in and enjoy. Thank you so, so much for tuning in if you’re not busy.