GAFilk appreciation post

Thanks to everyone at GAFilk this past weekend.  I had a really wonderful time.  From listening to Marc Gunn, The Blibbering Humdingers, and Robin W. Bailey for the first time, to swinging it out with Play it with Moxie and C. D. Woodbury once again, every note of music was a joy.  Please do click on everybody’s links above and give them your support and your ears!

Thanks to everyone who came to sing in all the circles (your fortitude, I am in awe) and who listened when it was my turn. 🙂

Thanks also to Mary and Betsy and Ryan for jumping up on stage with me, fearless as ever.  For all who like the new Stolen Season material, thank you for all of your sweet words about the concert!

Being Guest of Honor is like getting a present to me, and this one was pretty damn shiny. Thanks to Rob, the Suttons, and to mama Sharon and the con suite crew, as well as all my other friends and sometime caretakers.  Thank you all!

For those who are wondering, I did manage to get video and audio from Betsy’s and my performance of “Little Bird” sent to my friend’s widow in time for the memorial.  She says it was well received, indeed.  Thank you Zach and Brian for video, and thank you Harold for audio!

As for what happened on Saturday evening, if anyone ever questions me about the validity of my work again, all I have to say is “I’m sorry, have YOU ever raised $1200 at auction with two CDs and a five-minute hoop dance?”  I am still just flabbergasted, in the very best way. 😀

pic by David Weingart

pic by David Weingart

Fun fact: Moxie the cola still exists, and the Moxian bandmates were kind enough to let me try a sip last night.  Here’s how that went.

My tongue: oooh, this is interestiWHYYYYYYYY?!??

Amy McNally: I’m glad I let you try this, so I could see you make that face!

Thank you all again. 🙂  Homeward we go!