Happy stuff!

I took today off and ended up giving a good, long concert to my best friend and her infant daughter. Said baby girl was rapt as I played guitar, whistled, and sang. It was wonderful to be the recipient of so much joyful, unbiased attention. She’s generally a happy kid, and I know that she’s been listening to music since before she was out of the womb. Still, I’m feeling pretty special after the experience. It’s amazing to be playing a song for a little one, to notice that her eyes are glued to your hand as it forms chords on the guitar, to watch her watching you and trying to figure it all out, and clearly thinking that you’re the coolest thing she’s ever seen, even though she’s yet too young to be able to use words to tell you what she thinks. I had to share. Hope this makes you smile. 🙂


Next smiley face dedicated to the fact that Heather Dale’s Celtic Avalon project is now 100% funded and then some!   If you want to get in on the rewards she’s offering for backers, you’ve still got three days to jump in, and to help her hit a pretty awesome stretch goal.  🙂 🙂

Speaking of stretch goals: