Happy:  There’s a new Tricky Pixie concert on my schedule, for February 7th!

Get tickets here. 🙂

Wonders song art by Chaz for "Song of the Witches"

Wonders song art by Chaz for “Song of the Witches”

Less happy:  one of my best friends passed away on New Year’s Day.  His name was Stephen Jacob Bell.  I’ve known him half my life, and his widow, Anna, has been my friend for over ten years.  If you knew him as well, and this is the first time you’re getting the news of his passing, I am so very sorry.

Stephen was the spirit of kindness, in spite of his own physical and mental difficulties.  We met in college, and I have never known a soul so determined to stay sweet, regardless of what life threw at him.  He worked with a team who helped identify those who perished in New York City on September 11, 2001.  He worked to become a nondenominational minister and an advocate for alternative lifestyle people of all faiths.  He had a million inventions in his head that he wanted to get out into the world, and he had a million miles of love for everyone he called a friend.

There is a memorial fund going right now which you may contribute to, if you wish.