Interview tonight!

I’ll be live on the Pagan Variety Show this evening at 9pm CST.  Everyone’s welcome to listen and call in.  The show will be broadcasting here.


WinterPocalypse was much more gentle with us out here in the woods than we feared it would be.  The power stayed on, and the ice stayed mild.  Our hard-working relatives and friends still had to drive in to work on the icy roads, though, as I’m sure most of you did as well.   I hope that you’re all safe and sound, and that you continue to be so.

I’m gonna try to say this next thing without being cheesy or pedantic.  Here goes.

As you scramble to get all of your Yuletide chores squared away, presents bought and wrapped, parties hosted and cleaned up after, remember that we’re all in this together.  Try your best to be kind to everyone you meet, and patient with those you’re working with.  Again:  we’re all in this together.  Whether we’re standing behind a counter or in front of it, we’re all part of the same Holiday Season.  The weather, the stress, and the joy touches all of us.  All of us.

Be as kind as you can.  Even when you’re tired, even when others are too tired to be kind to you.  I hope that the results will surprise and delight you.  I hope that it’s easier than you think. 😉 <3