July 28 online show & more!

Greetings from the hot armpit of southern summer, sweet friends. Thank you for reading me today. I’m in my little studio with all (electric) fans on deck as I write.


If you haven’t already found it on your own, I’m happy to let you know that I gave my Bandcamp digital single “Chalk on the Sidewalk” a wider digital release recently! It’s now streaming on all the major platforms!

I’m also hard at work on a music video for my song, “Alchemist Eyes” to be released for free on YouTube & Vimeo! Please make sure you’re subscribed to my channel in either place (or both!) so you don’t miss the release.

If ever you’d like to hear more about what I’ve been working on or get access to rare recordings & unreleased works in progress, I’d love to welcome you to my Patreon family. I share new goodies each month, and you may pledge anything from $1-$20: https://www.patreon.com/sjtuckermusic

CONCERTS COMING UP!I have one lovely online show for us to look forward to this month, on Thursday, July 28! There will be TWO showings of this performance, and you only need one ticket for access to both. Please enjoy the one which fits your schedule:

2pm Central (3 Eastern, 1 Mtn, Noon Pacific, 7pm GMT)

and then

9pm Central (10 Eastern, 8 Mtn, 7 Pacific)


Get tickets: https://onlineconcertthing.com/product/s-j-tucker-2022-07-28-0900-pm-cdt/

S. J.’s going on location for this special performance, all the way back to her hometown, and she’s taking us along! Sooj has given plenty of shows through the years in coffee shops, bookstores, college canteens, libraries, and once even a bank vault, but have you ever been to a concert in a museum? Now’s your chance to check out one of S. J.’s favorite museums, a place where she spent time almost daily as a child, as well as her excellent, enchanting, welcoming songs! If all goes well, S. J. will donate a portion of ticket sales to the Desha County Museum as well as Arkansas Abortion Support Network. Door prizes will be available, and online shows never run out of seats! Join us!

About a month from now I’ll have the good fortune to return to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee for an outdoor festival performance! Please let me know if you plan to be there. I haven’t seen my TN-NC-SC fans & friends since last October, at one of only two in-person shows, and I’m so happy to be headed back soon.

August 12-14, 2022

Harvest Homecoming Festival

Cerren Ered/Dragonshire

5101 Mathis Branch Rd, Cosby, TN 37722

Tickets & info: https://www.facebook.com/cerrenered


Come Home to celebrate OUR Harvest, come let our hearts and our hands join together. From Our Hearts, We will tell the story of Us with Sacred Space. We mark our Rites of Passage with our community, making what we find Holy stronger within us. We will demonstrate our individual practices and, in doing so, aid others in finding their own. We will sing our songs and tell our tales, naming each other and finding the Sacred Place within us all.Special Musical Guest: S. J. TuckerPlay Games, Tell Stories, Dance the Fire, Join Rituals, Sing Songs, Share the Feast. Continue on our Path of Growing the Hearts and Empowering the Hands of Our Community.


I have an opportunity to give my first Texas show in ages at the tail end of August, en route to CokoCon in Arizona (over Labor Day weekend), but it’s not quite confirmed. I’ll write to you all again in early August with the details, but feel free to keep an eye on my tour schedule page also: https://sjtucker.com/tour

COVID-19 is still abroad. I am continuing to schedule online concerts & keeping my tour schedule light, but cautiously booking a few more in-person shows. It’s tricky, getting back into the mode of performing for real folx and real faces again, but y’all have always made it worth my time, my toil, and my efforts. This time will be no different, except that I and my fellow performers may be rusty and unexpectedly vulnerable for a while yet. Thank you all for the gift of your understanding as well as your listening ears when next we meet at a show.