Just Found Project Pagan Enough

Inciting a Riot PodHost and author Fire Lyte started Project Pagan Enough to help encourage radical inclusivity, tolerance, and respectful discourse in the Pagan community.  I’m so grateful to have found #projectpaganenough today, when 111% of me is in utter slimy horror over having just learned of the anti-semitic, transphobic, bigoted words being posted on the so-called Asatru Folk Assembly’s Facebook page.  It’s pretty gross.  I realize that it’s not without precedent, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.

The post I have seen linked from the group’s Facebook page comes from a blatantly backward place.  I know, I know; Facebook has been a simmering trash heap of horrors for a long time where hate speech is concerned.  This understood, I applaud those who are calling the AFA out on the content of these posts, both in the name of understanding and in the name of speaking up for radical inclusivity, which really shouldn’t be as radical as it is.  I’d love to see Asatru or Heathen community members and other Asatru or Heathen groups do some (more) calling out of their own.  I realize that the neo nazi/skinhead element of that community has been around for decades, and I have great respect for those on the Asatru path who stand against it.  Please continue to do so.

Project Pagan Enough and author/artist Lupa Green’s #notinmypaganism response to the above are helping me (and others, I am certain) to respond to this nonsense with strength and constructive thought, instead of just sitting over in the corner, feeling helpless against our paralyzing squick and despair.

Let’s keep the goodness going, my friends.

Fire Lyte says “Project Pagan Enough is my movement to encourage pagans, and those of like mind, to react with kindness, intelligence, and poise in situations involving religion, practice, dogma, etc.”  I say yes and I’m in and thank you.

The hard part of Project Pagan Enough is that, by saying yes to it, we agree to do right by our own commitment to rational discourse and understanding.  For instance, we have to attempt to understand why the racism, transphobia, and anti-semitism of the AFA is there, and why some AFA members see nothing wrong with it.  We have to put in the time to interact and educate, rather than just blocking, shunning, and screaming at each other.  We have to hold ourselves, each other, and our community-at-large accountable.  We do.

Project Pagan Enough