Late March Update

Spring is creeping in and things are getting greener by the minute here at home in Arkansas.  


I spent a ton of time with my mother last week during her spring break, and that was a delight. We visited our favorite tiny, local museums together and volunteered at two of them. I was in such a happy place that I forgot to mark the birthday of my first album yesterday!  Haphazard is thirteen years old!


Mom, if you’re curious, is 67 as of March 27. She is saying she’ll retire from teaching at the end of this school year; we’ll see. 🙂 She’s one of the most generous, dedicated people I’ve ever known. I am a direct product of that generosity and dedication.

I got several mentions in a brand new music column that’s just begun, over at The Wild Hunt! Check it out here. Columnist Nathan Hall was great to talk to, and I think he’s going to do a fine job sharing his observations of our sweet little witchy music scene.

My concert schedule is filling out nicely from May through November!  I don’t have any live shows at this point until the first weekend of May, and while this was unexpected, it feels like a huge gift.  I’ll have a bit of extra time to keep recovering from my outpatient surgery last month, I’ll have a little more time to work in my recording studio, and I won’t have to fret that my practice time is suffering while I’m getting my taxes done. Ah, responsible adulthood!

As usual, I’ve got more new songs than I have time to record all at once.  Part of this is due to my weekly songwriting group, which is going for all 52 weeks of 2017!  We’re on week 13, and I’ve got a ton of new pieces already that I’m in love with.  I’m strongly considering giving a Concert Window broadcast very soon, so that you can all hear what I’ve been working on.  Watch this space.  I’ve got to do some troubleshooting to see if my internet capability meets the streaming requirements, but once I have that figured out, I’ll set a broadcast date and post it here.

Have a great week, everyone!