Little Super Powers

Many of us are fortunate enough to have woken up every morning of our lives, secure in the thought that somebody loves us. So many more of us have never had a morning like this. Plenty of us fit somewhere in between, and we know the ups and downs of both situations. Some of us have had that strong foundation of unconditional love since we were young. Some of us haven’t yet had a chance to learn what that feels like.  Where would you place yourself on that spectrum?

I’m not perfect, but I work to be kind and compassionate every day.  People have even told me that I make it look easy.  🙂 The truth is that I’ve never, ever had to wonder whether there is someone out in the world who loves me.  I’ve always known.  This, together with the innate compassion I believe I’ve inherited as a result, is such an amazing gift, and I’m very, very grateful to have it.

It’s the responsibility of those of us who are standing on rock solid ground, mentally and emotionally, thanks to that endless well of support we feel, to be as kind as we possibly can. I believe it’s one of our super powers, no matter what someone who prefers to think of kindness as weakness might say.  From what I’ve seen, compassion takes metric arse-loads of strength. Just ask anyone who’s had their heart stomped into the ground over and over, but who still keeps hope alive. Or, for instance, ask anyone who’s ever worked with Doctors Without Borders, or any other disaster aid organization.  I believe it makes a difference when we pull off being kind.  Even when it gets thrown back in our faces.  Even when we lose the battle.  Even when there’s no reciprocation at all.

You are so very strong. 🙂 Use your powers for good whenever you can.