Milestone Time!


Let’s have a dance party: ​–3lUFyLU​

Or listen on Bandcamp if you like: ​​ and grab that “name your price” (including FREE) download any time if you don’t already have it, or get it for a friend.

The Youtube playlist features the original (first printing) cover of my first release, Haphazard, of which there were only 1000 copies- if you’ve got one, you’ve been with me a long time. Nitia Cheveallier’s Medusa Sooj album art for all the successive print runs is my favorite of the two, but I’m proud of the young woman I was in this photo cover, you better believe it. I’m proud of every note on that thing, not least because my recording engineer at Young Ave Sound in Memphis, who was very kind in spite of himself, quipped at one point TO MY FACE, “it’s not like we’re recording an ALBUM here.”

Watch me. And then watch me keep going.

Hopefully I can find time to go live and sing some of these tracks across social media as the weekend unfolds, so we can stretch this celebration out! Keep your eyes and ears open.

Thanks for all your support & love, everybody. I feel it. It gets me through more things than I could name in a timely fashion.

Your bard, S. J.

ps–lotta shows coming up for the rest of this year, more and more confirming all the time.

Details: ​​

pps–new goodies coming to my Patreon next week! Join tiers from $1-$20 any time: ​