#MusesontheRoad tour, week 1 complete!

I’m writing from the back of the tour van this morning, as we cross Wyoming on I-80.  It’s a clear, brisk day.  This part of the country is RJ’s old stomping grounds, so we’re all in a great mood, learning stuff about the terrain from her as we drive.  

We’ll perform in Sunset, UT at my favorite place, The Hidden Sage, this evening- plenty of seats left for anyone who’d like to pay at the door!

This trip has been every bit as much of a dream come true as we all thought it would be so far.  We began one week ago with our first online show, which had a great viewing crowd and gave us a solid starting budget for the whole tour.   It also gave each of us a mood & confidence boost about having learned each other’s tunes.  We kicked things off and everything sounded great!  It was really happening!


The great crowds continued once our live shows began, starting with our hometown concert on October 27 in Fayetteville.  Fayetteville is currently the hometown of 3/5 of the performers in this van, but I feel like I can claim it a little bit for myself as well.  I have a lot of hometowns. 🙂 My husband and his folks were able to attend the Fayetteville show, and Lynda’s mama even made it out to see us in Kansas City on October 28, thanks to her sweet neighbors!  We also have had so much heart-family in our audiences so far, everywhere feels like home.  

“We’re just all making such good decisions together,” Renée said a few seconds ago from the front seat.  She’s so right.  This kind of synergy doesn’t come along every day- unless you make space for it to happen.  And so, here we are, crossing the high desert, watching for signs of antelope in the hills as we pass.

Our Omaha concert on October 29th was the fourth of four in a row, and the Unity church of Omaha were such kind hosts to us.  Their sanctuary/stage space was so beautiful that I’m certain it helped me relax and perform really well that night.  We took some extra time in Nebraska to sleep, eat, shop, and reset before our day’s drive to Colorado on October 30th.  

Halloween was our acclimation day in Denver (singing in the Mile High City is a lot easier if you give your body time to adjust to the altitude, I have learned).  We slept in, ran errands, and went out to sushi in the evening (all of this in costume for me) with my beloved Rubiee, proprietress of Dryad Tea and Dryad Pottery.  That night was Rubiee’s mom’s birthday, and so she joined us!  Give Sushi Totoro in Aurora a try if you’re ever in the area.  Yum.

Last night in Denver, thanks to Living Earth House, we had our very first sold-out show of the trip.  The crowd was so very engaged, enthusiastic, and tuned in.  We could not have asked for better.  We’re expecting a small crowd in Utah tonight, and I’m looking forward to seeing some of Utah’s gorgeous landscape on the way in this afternoon.

Read on for the rest of our tour dates, which will be in Oregon, Washington state, and New Mexico, starting with our first of two Portland shows this coming Sunday night.

Nov 5 in Portland

Nov 8 Online Concert #2

Nov 9 in Silverdale, WA

Nov 10 in Silverdale, WA

Nov 15 in Redmond, WA

Nov 17 in Portland, OR

Nov 18 in Tacoma, WA

Nov 21 in Albuquerque, NM