Music and Art, Wishes and News

Those of you still on vacation: enjoy it!  Those of you back at work today: I wish you an easy transition!  As for me, I’m over here in the woods recording, mixing, and cleaning house in preparation for company.  This may not sound like work, but it’s certainly gonna fill up all my time today!  The lovely ladies of Pandora Celtica are coming to visit tomorrow, and they’ve promised to help me with my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!  I’m extremely late in getting to it, but a little more awareness raised for the cause can only be a good thing.  If you want to see the results, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel– I’ll be posting the evidence of me + chilly, chilly water ASAP.  While having flashbacks of the “Neptune” video shoot, naturally. ;p

Later this month, I’ll have two shared shows with two of my favorite people who are coming to Arkansas to perform for the very first time.  Not only that, but they’ll be newly back in the USA from adventures in Europe which included, among other things, sharing the stage with Corvus Corax!  Corvus-freaking-Corax, people!!  I’m talking about Sharon and Winter, of course.  I met these two fine bards nine years ago in Oregon.  Sharon’s music had such an effect on me that I almost immediately holed up to write my Wendy Trilogy songs after we parted ways.  That should tell you how nifty our two shows will be.

We’re performing in Conway, Arkansas at my favorite coffeehouse/bazaar in this time zone, The Locals, on the evening of Tuesday Sept. 23.  You can purchase tickets here, and join us on the Facebook event here.  On the night of the show, we’ll give a student discount at the door!

The next night, we’ll give a very intimate performance at Gallery 360 in Little Rock, at I-630 and S. Rodney Parham Rd, just past Kanis Park.  I strongly recommend grabbing tickets for that show in advance, as there are literally only 40 seats in this place!  Get your tickets here.  The art is always captivating, the curators are fantastic people, and I can personally vouch for the quality of the music.  Join us on the Facebook event if you wish.

Artists take note: Gallery360 is currently accepting submissions for a new art exhibit:

Gallery 360 will awaken from its summer slumber in September with a showing titled “Artists Scrounging.”  To that end, we are looking for artwork made recently using found, recycled and re-purposed materials. That covers a lot of ground and will hopefully spark imaginations.

The dates will be September 20 thru November 1st.  We’ll take submissions up to 9/18, but would like to receive them ASAP.  Call or text Jay at (501) 993-0012 or email

Meanwhile, one of my favorite artists is still running a fundraiser to help her daughter fulfill a pretty amazing musical dream, and she’s offering prints of twelve, TWELVE new paintings based on songs of mine!  The art is already finished (she whupped it all out in a matter of a few weeks!) and will be shipped out as soon as the campaign is over.  Back the campaign at $5.oo or more, and you’ll also get the twelve songs free from me. 🙂  Check it out here.