I released a new song this morning, and you may have it at the price of your choosing (that includes free, if free is what you need). Check it out in the player up top.

I wrote “Star Maps” in 2017 and had not yet made plans to record or release it when my online show audience this past month fell utterly in love with it.  Thanks to them for the push to polish and set this one free.  It’s all about missing your people when you can’t be face to face, and how we’re all more connected than we might even be able to imagine, stars in each others’ sky.  I hope you like it.

For the second time since the pandemic took hold, Bandcamp, the company who hosts my downloads & CD ordering page, is today waiving their cut of music sales.  So it’s a great day to purchase downloads and CDs from artists like me.  I have set everything I can afford to do this with to “name your price” at —that means if you need it for free while we’re all navigating this strange spring together, free is ok by me.  Please help yourselves.  

—I’m only giving one online show this month so that I can catch my breath a bit and have some more time, hopefully, to work on recording.  It’ll be another Sunday afternoon concert, May 17 at 2pm CDT (3pm Eastern, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific, 7pm GMT) hosted by Online Concert Thing once again.  Get your ticket at the price you choose here:

–I’ve been working behind the scenes in recent weeks with the Online Concert Thing team to help manage all their new social media pages!  Please subscribe to the new Online Concert Thing YouTube channel if you don’t mind:  I’ve already made one exclusive new interview video for it, and I’ve promised at least one more exclusive video of some sort, to be edited and posted very soon!  I’ll be shouting about the new OCT Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram soon as well.

Shows and festivals continue to evaporate from my tour calendar, including big events like Pagan Spirit Gathering next month, and a trip to Finland I hadn’t even been able to announce yet, and while I know this is the right thing for event organizers to do in order to keep us all safe, I freely admit that I am doing a lot of processing about it, even grieving.  I also worry about friends and fans who have had the rug utterly pulled out from under them where things to look forward to are concerned.  Festival season means a lot to so many of us, and well, this year it just isn’t meant to be.  We must be wise and find other ways to reach and reach out to each other.  Please don’t lose heart.  Know that if you’re also grieving current events, loss of normalcy, loss of work, and of course loss of loved ones, you are not alone.  Keep watching the stars. Keep shining. Keep singing. I’ll be right here with you.