My Favorite Stuff This Week


Fandom and NorWesCon peeps in particular: I’m boosting the signal on this for my good friend, videographer, graphics guru, and fire buddy. Cuz he’s worth it, and he’s good, and this is a modest goal for a great project. 

Bump up the bandwidth for NorWesCon’s LiveStream Guru!


Only 8 tickets left at the $10 level for my Youngstown, OH concert on May 7!  Grab the hot seats while you can.


I’m an opportunivore.  This generally means that I will try just about anything.  It makes for a rich life, and it makes those few times when I’m at home and can cook a meal all the more interesting!  Last night I made a righteous skillet of potatoes using an organic, dairy-free cashew cheese spread created by some friends of mine: Mandi and Joe Bussell of Bussellsprouts in Oregon! Check out their website here, and choose your flavor.  I can honestly tell you that I love them all, though the Turkish Spice is my current favorite.


Tomorrow I’ll have my first concert in Batesville, Arkansas in well over a decade, on campus at my old college!  I’ve always wanted to go back there to perform.  Thanks to the Convocations Committee, at last I’ll be doing just that. 🙂

This Saturday, I’ll share the stage with some serious luminaries in the Womyn’s community.  I may be a little star struck.  Come and join us if ever you can, at the Amazon Music Festival in northwest Arkansas.  One ticket gets you a show from me, Ginger Doss, Summer Osborne, Holly Near, emma’s revolution, and Big Bad Gina, plus a drum workshop with Wahru Cleveland.